Ohio General Motors Plant Going Down To Single Shift

Lordstown, Ohio — After more than half a century, a General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio stopped production. Sixteen hundred workers are affected, including Aaron Applegate, who worked at the plant for 11 years. Wednesday was his last shift.

"The last drive in is kind of bittersweet," he said.

Lordstown has been un-allocated, meaning the Chevy Cruze that rolls off the line this week is the last car they're making here, the last of 16 million vehicles since it opened in 1966. It's the largest of the four plants in the U.S. where GM plans to stop production this year.

More than 3,300 hourly workers will be laid off indefinitely, or 7 percent of GM's approximately 50,000 hourly employees nationwide. The cuts come as the automaker is reporting a near-record $12 billion profit last year.

Source : https://www.cbsnews.com/news/gm-lordstown-ohio-parts-of-me-are-very-bitter-workers-at-ohio-gm-plant-struggle-through-their-last-shift-2019-03-06/

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"Parts of me are very bitter": Workers at Ohio GM plant struggle through their last shift
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