Ohio General Motors Plant Going Down To Single Shift

LORDSTOWN, OH (WKBN) - The General Motors plant in Lordstown will go down to a single shift. 

It was announced during a plant-wide employee meeting on Friday afternoon.

June 15 is the last day for two shifts, while the one-shift schedule will take effect on June 18. 

We've learned that the change calls for the possibility of laying off up to 1,500 workers. GM is offering a $60,000 payout, however, so if workers take the buy-out, that number could be lower. 

Between 1,000 and 1,500 workers will be left on the single shift.

An employee inside of the plant said people were crying as the announcement was made. 

There is a meeting on April 16 to roll out the details of a buyout. 

GM is blaming declining Cruze sales.

The latest figures released by General Motors earlier this month show Cruze sales were down 13 percent compared to the year before.

Economists say a lot of that has to do with gas prices. When they're high, the Cruze does really well, but when they're low, the sales just aren't there.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown called on GM to use money received from recent tax cuts to keep the jobs. 

“GM cannot pocket billions of dollars in tax cuts and turn around and fire Ohio workers whose livelihoods depend on these jobs,” he said. “I expect GM to tell Ohioans immediately how they plan to use their tax windfall to keep Ohioans in their jobs.”

Congressman Tim Ryan also released a statement after the announcement on Friday: 

“I am deeply disappointed by today’s GM Lordstown announcement,” he said. “While low gas prices encourages the decline of compact car like the Chevy Cruze, President Trump’s intention to weaken fuel economy standards is putting his thumb on the scale in favor of the larger cars and SUV’s made elsewhere. He claimed he was against the government picking winners and losers, and yet he goes against the very region and state that helped put him in office. As these layoffs are implemented, I will do everything in our power to assist the affected employees and their families get through this difficult time.”

GM Lordstown is the largest employer in Trumbull County.

We're working to get more details. Stay with us on air and online for the latest developments.

Source : http://www.nbc4i.com/news/state-news/ohio-general-motors-plant-going-down-to-single-shift/1120732355

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