PSA Hints At Debut Of Electric Peugeot 208 In Geneva In March

I know, DS is the high value brand, french car makers have always wanted to compete with germans on high level segments, without succeeding.

But I was talking about the 208 EV, not the whole range of PSA EV cars.

Not that I am happy with Tesla decision to never build cars cheapers than the Model 3, but that the words from their CEO. So the 208 EV will not compete against the Model 3.

This will be confirmed – or not – when its price will be announced. But it is hard for me to figure out how will PSA manage to have low cost on battery pack price and availability.

PSA is earning more money by selling ICE, as long as it is permitted (and they are lobbying for it), so this may not be an issue for them, on the short term at least.

On the short term, they have to manage with the remains of Opel. To absorb the cost, they are firing 2 000 people.

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PSA Hints At Debut Of Electric Peugeot 208 In Geneva In March
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