Pagani's $3.2 Million Huayra Roadster Convertible Is Pulling Crowds In Geneva

Each of Pagani's supercars is slightly different from the others, since the high price tag and manufacturing method inevitably create a high sense of collaboration to any buyer who can afford that base price.

After all, they're made "to celebrate the harmony between art and science," the company says, and that means different things to different people.

To that point, the base price on the Roadster is relative — and likely well under what most new owners will happily pay for the chance to own one.

They're so precious and so rare (it'll take years for Pagani to produce the promised 100 of the Huayra Roadster) that very few of them see any real street time.

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Pagani's $3.2 million Huayra Roadster convertible is pulling crowds in Geneva