Peugeot 508 GT Review

Quite apart from what’s under the bonnet, the new 508 is definitely a looker thanks partly to a lower (by 40mm) and wider stance but also minimal embellishment of the taut panels that have the signature Peugeot headlamp, grille and tail light treatment to make it instantly recognisable, even before a viewer has clocked the badge.

Reducing the 508’s length by about 50mm and lowering the roof meant designers had to pull a few rabbits out of hats to maintain interior space. To that end, the windows are frameless to simplify how the doors fit the roof line (while also adding to the visual allure) and the rear of the roof has been carefully sculpted to give reasonable headroom in the back seat.

From a passenger’s viewpoint it’s a mixed bag of results. Leg room in the rear is adequate without being overly generous in a car this size, and there’s enough head space to allow a taller (182cm) occupant’s scalp not to scrape the roof lining. But the rear door openings are a little narrow and the roof overhangs as well, calling for a slightly awkward ducking and shuffling action for entry and egress.

No problems with space for luggage, however, with the big tailgate lifting to reveal a deep, wide and long cargo area capable of swallowing 487 litres of gear, or 1537 litres with the 70/30 split rear seat folded down.

Up front the 508 is all style and simplicity, from the projected instrument panel to the use of the 10-inch touchscreen for most major controls. There’s the option of swiping through menus or using the metallic shortcut keys on a horizontal plane ahead of the screen, and together with the head-up display in front of the driver amounts to a plethora of information easily accessed.

Trim materials are likely to be seats done with Alcantara as standard and leather as an option. The cheaper GT-Line will come with a combination of glossy piano black and carbon-fibre for dashboard and door trim highlights, while the more luxurious GT will have a handsome grade of dark-stained timber veneer.

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