Peugeot E Legend: How The Popular Concept Will Influence The Maker's Future

It was made to highlight that two ‘coming’ things, ‘autonomy’ and ‘connectivity’, can be wrapped in something “attractive and sexy”, says Jean. 

It’s electric, too. Obviously. The headline stats say there are two motors, one at each end, totalling 456bhp and giving the e-Legend a top speed of 137mph. Meanwhile, 100kWh of batteries underneath the floor would provide a range of 370 miles. 

“For our designers and engineers it’s important to show where we’re going,” says Jean. It looks like it could be put on the road and, at 4.6m long and 1.9m wide, it’s the right kind of size to be, too. “It’s important to work at a realistic size, because this is what we are developing,” says Jean. But in truth, the e-Legend really is a little more sedate. This one-off concept only has one electric motor, a top speed of around 6mph and is radio-controlled by one of its makers, who follows it around with a handset. 

A few companies make a distinction between a show car and a concept car. “We presented 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered Concept,” says Jean, a car that will go into production next year. “This is much more prospective. Everything is close to a production car outside; the interior is much more a vision of the 2030s.”

He’s not wrong. When you look at its outside, you can’t tell it’s carbonfibre; it just looks brilliantly, expensively, but realistically, finished. There are neat details like single piece protruding bumpers, whose floating middle section flexes – something usually hidden within a vast plastic moulding made into a feature. The windscreen and rear screen are each made of three glass pieces, because you can’t mould glass as easy as acrylic (which is why so many use it), but glass looks more like the real thing. There are highlights, too, such as the 3D-printed sill details that look like electrical heat sinks, which hint at the electrical gubbins beneath. Outside, then, this looks like a car you could drive. And would rather like to. 

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