Peugeot To Unveil New Lion Logo For Electric Cars At The 2019 Geneva Motor Show

To go with the new Lion the carmaker announced on Wednesday the launch of a new brand signature, a variation of the existing one: Motion & e-Motion. Combined, the two elements will be at the center of a fully electrified car range by the year 2023.

“The Motion & e-Motion signature we are rolling out really encapsulates our vision for what we want the brand to stand for,” said in a statement David Peel, Peugeot UK managing director.

“Adapting the signature we have been using for almost a decade demonstrates how we are a brand that is sticking to principle qualities PEUGEOT is known for, while evolving to fit with an electric future.”

The first electric car from Peugeot will be launched by the end of this year. With it, a number of Peugeot cars, including the 3008 and 508, will get plug-in hybrid variants by the same deadline.

The most exciting electric car concept shown in recent years by Peugeot was the e-Legend, a revival of the 1960s 504 Coupe, but with an autonomous twist.

The concept made use of 100 kW batteries that gave it a range of  600 km (370 miles), while the electric motors spinning the wheels provide an output of 456 hp and 800 Nm of torque.

There’s no word yet on what cars or concepts the French carmaker will be bringing this year at Palexpo, but its presentation seems to be centered this time on the launch of the new brand identity.

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