Pirelli Puts On A Show In Geneva

As evidence of the tire industry becoming fully entrenched in the digital revolution, Pirelli & C. SpA introduced its Cyber Car technology for Original Equipment with major carmakers at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show.

Pirelli’s Cyber Car enables the tire to directly interact with the car’s onboard electronics system, and in particular, driver assistance systems, to deliver information about the car’s operations. The new Pirelli system will be in-market by year-end on some electric and traditional cars, Pirelli said in a press release.

Placing sensors in the tires is a part of Pirelli’s Perfect fit strategy, which focuses on developing made-to-measure products and services that meet both driver and car manufacturer needs.

The tire embedded sensor transmits key tire data to the vehicle such as pressure, internal temperature and tread depth. It can activate systems such as ABS and stability control. For example, by reading a tire’s ID, the vehicle can alter its set-up for a safer, more comfortable drive. By knowing the car’s accurate weight, the vehicle’s central control unit can calculate precisely how many miles can be driven before recharging.

Cyber Car informs the driver about the tire’s vertical load, temperature and pressure through the carmaker’s interface, allowing for timely intervention if the pressures are wrong. Tire maintenance becomes easier with specific feedback on tread wear and how tires should be seasonally rotated. The Cyber Car also offers bespoke services, such as servicing, car valet and roadside assistance.

The first Cyber Car fitted models will arrive this year, with several manufacturers already at an advanced stage of integrating Pirelli’s technology into their own systems, Pirelli said in a press release. The next evolution will be the Cyber Tire system, which will collect even more data, transmitting information to the car’s onboard systems with every wheel rotation. While this technology isn’t on sale yet, it is already in action on the Ferrari FXXK, the 1000-horsepower development hypercar for track use only.

Cyber Car is the latest application from Pirelli’s Cyber Technologies platform launched in 2002, with the aim of providing maximum integration between tires, cars and drivers. Cyber Car follows the Cyber Fleet system designed for fleets and Pirelli Connesso system for everyday drivers.

Pirelli’s Cyber systems are all based on a sensor placed inside the tire, which is then connected to the Pirelli Cloud. This sensor, weighing just a few grams, monitors the operating status of every tire and transmits the data to an electronic control unit. The information collected is delivered to the Pirelli Connesso app, or in the case of Cyber Car, to the car’s onboard systems and an app. Pirelli Cyber Technologies use specific systems to talk directly to the driver (Pirelli Connesso), to fleet managers (Cyber Fleet), or to car manufacturers and drivers simultaneously (Cyber Car). These systems function equally for both electric and traditional cars.

Source : http://www.tirereview.com/pirelli-cyber-car/

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