Porsche 911

Given the almost wingless profile of the Touring Package (the flat-six delight has a Gurney flap over an active wing, remember?), the white color of the car helps the 500 hp Porscha establish a stronger connection to its ancestors.

Going past the main shade of the Neunelfer we have here, we'll mention silver, which is used for the wheels and the inner graphics of the all-LED headlights. Perhaps this is why the owner decided to go with the chrome window trim, not the high gloss black goodie.

This is no budget-savvy configuration and we're not just referring to the said light clusters. For instance, the banana-colored calipers indicate the presence of the PCCB (Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes) goodies.

The carbon-ceramic stopping hardware is just one of the options that point out to the track-savvy nature of this machine, with another one coming from the full bucket seats found inside the car - notice the sweet carbon seat backs.

However, if you're expecting a PDK setup, you'll be disappointed. Instead, this 500 hp beast comes with the six-speed manual, so its driver can play the clutch game.

Speaking of the cabin, this continued the simple nature of the exterior and we're talking about the color and material choice here.

P.S.: If you happen to belong to the vivid color-loving camp, here's a Carmined Red incarnation of the GT3 TP, one that features black details.


With all these crazy PTS colors, white will always have a place on GT cars. This Touring looks absolutely perfect. I really love the simplified bucket seats too. Thoughts? Follow @ptsgt3 for more. ---------------------------------------------------- ūüď∑/owner: Rennlist member Chris88 #gt3 #newgt3 #porsche #porschegram #porschecxx #painttosample #pts #ptsgt3

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