Porsche 911 Turbo Sport Turismo Rendered As Shooting Brake Offender

Nevertheless, while the shooting brake incarnation of the Panny is more than desirable (Mercedes-Benz would beg to differ, since the three-pointed star decided to discontineu the CLS Shooting Brake), we can't say the same about this Neunelfer.

Sure, the rear passengers would enjoy greater legroom, but that wouldn't do too much for the accommodation.

Having the engine in the back means that the space gained by using the body style we have here could only be used for stowing some luggage, while the rear seat legroom would still remain a children-only affair.

Nevertheless, this isn't the first Porsche 911 shooting brake we've seen and we're not just talking about renders.

No, Porsche has never built such a rear-engine animal. Instead, aftermarket specialist Protoscar came up with a 911 S/B back in 2005 - the 996 incarnation of the 911, which was the least popular one, was turned into an even more controversial machine and you can check out the photos of the vehicle in the image gallery above.

Back in the day, the said company confirmed it had delivered at least one example of the 911 Shooting Brake, explaining that the Neunelfer had been ordered by a collector coming from Switzerland.

And while the 991.2 Turbo we have here might appeal to some aficionados thanks to its still-sleek lines, we can't say the same about the 2005 creature - from the van-like appearance to the oddball-grade taillights, there were plenty of visual elements that deserved the "disturbing" label.


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Porsche 911 Turbo Sport Turismo Rendered as Shooting Brake Offender
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