Porsche 997 Speedster And Porsche GTS Review

Recently, as my mind began to wander when driving a 997 Turbo S back home from a road trip to the Scottish Highlands, I began to mentally go through all the different variants of the 997. Two generations, beginning in 2005, to be honest I struggled to come up with a definitive number but it was blindingly obvious that, whatever your tastes in sports cars, there’s been a Porsche 911 that would tick pretty much any box for you.

I also started to ponder on what modern 911s have given me the most fun and, surprisingly, the one I always recall to mind as having given me the biggest thrills – apart from the obvious GT3 and GT3RS road racers – is a bog-standard 3.6-litre Carrera. Unusually for a press demonstrator, it was sparingly specced and was as basic as it gets. Yet because its performance envelope was so accessible, I felt supremely confident in driving it extremely hard on public roads. At no time did I feel this perfectly balanced car needed more power or more gadgets – it was an absolute blast.

Source : http://www.caradvice.com.au/95656/porsche-997-speedster-and-porsche-gts-review/

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Porsche 997 Speedster and Porsche GTS Review
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