Ratings And Review: 2016 Ford F 150

The 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor is not like other trucks. Sure, at its core is a typical F-150 pickup, but the frame is widened 6 inches right in the middle. With the wide-body kit and wide all-terrain tires, the truck spans 7.2 feet across — the widest of any light-duty pickup.

Aside from the added half-foot of width, the Raptor sets itself apart from other F-150s with a massive grille with Ford emblazoned across it, and features integrated big rig-style marker lights, which are required by law for vehicles wider than 80 inches. Below that is a steel bumper that provides aggressive approach angles for the tires, and integrates seamlessly with the lower front skid plate.


Source : https://www.boston.com/cars/car-reviews/2018/10/08/ford-f-150-raptor-review

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