Ratings And Review: 2016 Ford F 150

According to Ford vehicle dynamics engineer Chris Paiva, numerous algorithms were developed for specific situations the trucks might encounter. When the truck is in its Off-Road drive mode (Normal, Sport, and Off-Road are available), it focuses on three occasions: Terrain Recognition, Jump Mode, and Loud Pedal. Terrain Recognition softens the ride, Jump Mode recognizes when the wheels are fully extended and fully stiffens the shocks, and Loud Pedal has stiffer settings for more aggressive driving. When the truck is not off-road, it is generally intended to have a wafty trophy-truck feel to it, but Ford knows that’s not great for everyday driving. Addressing this, Ford incorporated an active roll-control algorithm that stiffens the shocks during turns for easier and more accurate handling.

Source : https://www.caranddriver.com/news/2019-ford-f-150-raptor-updates-the-parts-that-matter-the-shocks?dom=fb&mag=cdb&src=socialflowFBCAD

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