Recall Alert: Air Bag Danger Forces Ford, Mazda To Add 35,000 Trucks To Do Not Drive List

DETROIT (AP) –Ford and Mazda are adding more than 35,000 pickup trucks in North America to a list of vehicles that should not be driven because they have Takata air bag inflators with a high risk of exploding.

The warning includes 33,428 Ranger and 1,955 Mazda B-Series small pickups from 2006 model year, according to both companies. Ford, which made the B-Series for Mazda, found test results showing that the trucks had inflators that ruptured or recorded high internal pressure readings, spokeswoman Elizabeth Weigandt said Monday.

The companies and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said dealers will tow the pickups to service bays to replace the faulty inflators and provide loaner vehicles. Parts for the repairs already are available.

Rangers added to the do-not-drive list were built between Aug. 5 and Dec. 15, 2005.

“Affected owners are urged not to drive these vehicles and to contact Ford and Mazda immediately to schedule a free repair,” NHTSA said in a printed release.

To see if your vehicle qualifies for the recall, click here. 

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Recall Alert: Air bag danger forces Ford, Mazda to add 35,000 trucks to Do-Not-Drive list
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