Santa Rosa Barber's Mind Blowing Cuts Make Him World Famous

World Famous Cheeseburger? Not likely.

World Famous Pizza? Another one?

Gimme a break!

If someone needs to declare their world famousness, then they probably aren't.

PHOTOS: Mind-blowing haircuts by Santa Rosa barber


That was somewhat surprising because @Jaytee_TheBarber, as his follicle-crazed fans call him, is world famous, not by proclamation, but acclamation. The 23-year-old has 82,000 followers on Instagram, all buzzing because of the hair creations he buzzes.

"It's cool and humbling knowing that my work is known world-wide." JayTee said that with such humility that I expected his next line to be, "Just proud to be wearing a major league uniform."

JayTee The Barber first came to West Coast Cuts as a customer in seventh grade. Little did owner Jerry Herrera know, then, that a few years later the same kid would become a radical hair styling superstar.

What other artists do on paper, JayTee does on heads.

"It's a culture," said Herrera. "People are looking to be different, these days."

Now they have it -- elaborate designs ranging from portraits to rainstorms, to renditions of wild animals, to wild colors, or whatever a customer might conjure.

JayTee is so famous, now, that he has his own YouTube channel. He has earned nineteen Battle of the Barbers trophies, competing in front of thousands of people who watch them in free-flowing, cutting frenzies. In one of those events, JayTee did a cut using a chainsaw. "It's real nerve wracking. You don't know what you're up against."

Maybe his opponents don't know what they're up against.

If barbers had world rankings, "He would be among the top ten, in my opinion," said Herrera.

Generations of painters have had Michelangelo for inspiration. Now, in a new millennium and medium, we have @JayTee_TheBarber, with one small difference.

"How long does one of your haircuts last?" I asked.

"About a week," said the barber.

At $50 per special cut, that would equate to world-famous job security.

Keep scrolling for a photo story from Wayne Freedman on Twitter:

In a connected world, fame can find a person just about anywhere. West Coast Cuts in #SantaRosa , Ca, for example. #abc7now Innocuous?

— Wayne Freedman (@WayneFreedman) August 15, 2017

Not after you sit in the chair of @JayTee_TheBarber. #abc7now. 23 years old...already an institution and a draw.

— Wayne Freedman (@WayneFreedman) August 15, 2017

Can a barber have 82,000 followers of his cuts on Instagram? Uh huh.

@JayTee_TheBarber. #abc7now

— Wayne Freedman (@WayneFreedman) August 15, 2017

Believe it. @JayTee_TheBarber has won nineteen different Barber Battles. Yes. Barber Battles. One, with a chainsaw. #abc7now

— Wayne Freedman (@WayneFreedman) August 15, 2017

"It's an art form," says @JayTee_TheBarber who used to het his hair cut, here as a kid. "Hair is a canvas." 19 wins to prove it. #abc7now

— Wayne Freedman (@WayneFreedman) August 15, 2017

Get good enough, fame will find you. Even in a corner chair. #abc7now @JayTee_TheBarber Take a number. #abc7now

— Wayne Freedman (@WayneFreedman) August 15, 2017

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