Sen. Klobuchar Presses Honda On Efforts To Track Down Deadly Takata Air Bags

I am not convinced that the replacement made by Takata is any safer than the ones being replaced expect that it takes time before the problem shows up. Takata doesn't believe it is a design problem but the issue is that they change the mixture of the explosive to a more powerful one. Obviously they did not do due diligence, Humidity causes the problem according to Takata so they tried to limit the recall until area with less humidity reported the problem. Honda got in trouble for not reporting the problem in the US in a timely manner. If Takata did not change the chemical, most likely this would not be an issue. They also new the problem for years. Not sure how you can call it just an Mexican manufacturing problem since the issue goes back for over a decade. I am sure many car manufactures are looking at not using Takata since manufactures like BMW only use them in two models. Don't forget that passenger air bag, Honda says to turn it off until it can be replace. To replace all recalled cars will take years.

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