So Much For Sanctions! Kim Jong Un's New Ride Is A Rolls Royce Phantom

If Kim has replaced his Pullman Guard limousines with Rolls Royce Phantoms, it would stick with a recent trend in world leaders upgrading their own cars. China, Russia, and the United States have all unveiled new and totally custom presidential limousines in recent months.

The thing is there aren't that many of these vehicles around and especially if the one Kim has is armored. Roughly 10,000 Phantoms have been built between 2003 and 2017, and that includes many visually identifiable sub-types that this vehicle is not. Surely intelligence agencies are on the hunt to try and figure out how this car made its way into North Korean hands while the country is supposedly under an extreme sanctions regime. In that regard, Kim's Phantom may present analysts with a unique opportunity to trace from who and from where North Korea is getting its high-end contraband imports. Clearly, if they can get an armored Rolls Royce Phantom into Pyongyang they can get just about anything else there too. 

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So Much For Sanctions! Kim Jong Un's New Ride Is A Rolls Royce Phantom
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