Spencer Returns To Humber Bridge For Hanger Inspections

Essential work which will ensure the long-term safety of the Humber Bridge is to begin in December.

Hull-based engineering specialist Spencer Group will carry out the project, which involves the design and construction of a bespoke access platform, allowing engineers to inspect the bridge’s ‘hangers’ – the super-strength steel strands which suspend the bridge deck from the main cables.

Three hangers will be accessed and removed, one by one, using the custom-built platform at heights of up to 65m above the estuary, and 15m above the Humber Bridge road surface.

New work on the bridge has been planned to keep disruption to a minimum, with much of the project expected to take place at night, with some lane closures during the off-peak daytime period as well.

The chief executive of the Humber Bridge Board said the work was “essential” for the long-term safety of the bridge.

Source : https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/business/essential-work-ensure-humber-bridge-2213856

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