Students Get First Hand Look At C SPAN Bus

EAST LYME, CT (WFSB) -- All-aboard the C-SPAN bus. Some Connecticut students got an up close and educational view of the rolling C-SPAN studio wrapping up its “50 Capital’s Tour.”

Juniors and seniors from East Lyme High School got a different classroom perspective on Tuesday, on how government works, by climbing aboard the rolling C-SPAN bus.

The bus is celebrating the educational program’s 25th anniversary.

C-SPAN bus representative Jenae Green said it’s a thrill to see the students “get” why it’s important to understand how government works.

“When they first come on they’re a little tired this early in the morning and then we might hit on one key issue and they’re like, oh that actually does affect me, like minimum wage or voting rights or something like that, and they say man I should start paying attention to government,” Green said.

“I definitely stay up to date with a lot of the current events. I can’t wait to vote,” said Aidan Arsenault.

Voting and watching government in action is part of the interactive display.

The 45 foot long custom motor coach has its own studio and 11 large screen tablets featuring C-SPAN programming, including the recent senate hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“It gave me more insight in what was actually happening and all the information about it,” said student Gilly Goodwin.

“Hopefully, something like this opens their eyes to watching an event unfold instead of just listening to a sound clip or a sound bite that might not give them the whole picture,” said teacher Henry Kydd.

The C-SPAN bus is always on the road.

On Tuesday night it will be in Hartford. On Wednesday, it takes off for Providence and the rest of New England.

To learn more about the bus, click here.

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Students get first-hand look at C-SPAN bus
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