Subaru Exec Casts Doubt On Future Of Manual Transmission


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  • Subaru has a pair of the best sports cars out there that enthusiasts flock to with the WRX and the BRZ. Both of those cars have always offered a manual transmission option, but an executive with the automaker is now throwing doubt on the future of the manual transmission. According to this executive, the company is focusing on safety with the Eyesight tech that is in so many of its vehicles.

    The catch is that the feature isn’t compatible with the manual transmission. The exec said that continuing to offer manual transmission cars that can’t work with that big safety push would undermine what the automaker wants to do.

    The exec was part of the brand’s European crew, so perhaps the manual will live on in the States. Whatever happens, the loss of a manual will most certainly tarnish Subaru’s performance appeal. The company isn’t exactly known for performance automatic transmissions.

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    Subaru Exec Casts Doubt on Future of Manual Transmission
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