Takata Problems Force Recall Of Ford Ranger (No, Not That One ��� The Old One)

America’s second largest automotive manufacturer is announcing its second major recall in just a few months.

Ford is recalling nearly one million vehicles after it was discovered that metal inflators within their airbags contain chemicals that could explode with excessive force.

Ford says it has had no reports of injuries, but they are recalling cars equipped with Takata brand airbags. That includes some, but not all models of the Ford Edge, Ranger, Fusion, Mustang, Mercury Milan and Lincoln models MKX and MKZ — from the years 2010 to 2014.

Each new airbag must be ordered separately to match the make, model and interior color of each car.

“This is the latest piece in what has been a massive and huge recall, the largest ever in the auto industry and we’re a long ways from seeing this problem resolved in terms of bad Takata airbags worldwide,” said Phil Lebeau, CNBC auto analyst.

Back in December, Ford recalled more than 870,000 trucks due to engine fire risks. Analysts say the recall probably won’t effect Ford’s bottom line, but it could cause headaches for millions of customers.

Source : https://whotv.com/2019/01/06/ford-is-recalling-nearly-one-million-vehicles-due-to-airbag-issues/

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