The Bull Case For Ford

Here’s the full list In text form:
Bed Cargo Net (for 5’ and 6’ beds: $60.00
Bed Mat Impact (by Bedrug): TBD
Bed Mats - 5’ or 6’ Bed: $139.99
Bed Rails, Thermoplastic Protector for 6’ Bed: $107.14
Bed Tailgate Liner (Black): $64.29
Bed Tailgate Lock (by McGard): TBD
Bedliners (Black) for 5’ or 6’ Bed: $324.29
Bedliners, Sportliner (by Bedrug): TBD
Pivot Storage Box by Undercover, Driver Side & Passenger Side: TBD
Tonneau/Bed Covers, Embark Bed Covers (by Advantage)
Tonneau/Bed Covers, Embark LS Bed Covers for 5’ or 6’ Beds (by Advantage): TBD
Tonneau/BedCovers, Hard Folding for 5’ or 6’ Beds (by REV): TBD
Tonneau/BedCovers, Hard Roll-Up for 5’ or 6’ Beds (by REV): TBD
Tonneau/Bed Covers, Soft Folding for 5’ or 6’ Beds (by Advantage): TBD
Tonneau/Bed Covers, Soft Roll-Up for 5’ or 6’ Beds (by TruXedo): TBD
Backup Alarm (by ECCO): TBD
Bullfrog Hop, Portable Bluetooth Speaker (by KICKER): $199.00
Bullfrog Jump, Portable Bluetooth Speaker (by KICKER): $399.00
Bumper-Mounted Warning Sensors, Reverse Sensor (by Rosen): $269.00
Hitchscan Rear Park Assist Sensor and Hitch Step, Reverse Sensor (by Rosen): $269.00
Lighting, LED Warning Strobes, LED Safety Flashers (by SoundOff Signal): TBD
Lighting, LED Warning Strobes, LED Work Light (by SoundOff Signal): TBD
Rear Seat Entertainment - NextBase Duo Cinema, Dual Portable DVD Players (by VOXXAutomotive): $995.00
Vehicle Security System - Ford Perimeter Plus: TBD
Remote Start System - Long Range Remote Start Kit
Plug ’n Play Module with Harness: TBD
2 Key Fobs Included: $95.00
Remote Start System - Long Range with Confirmation
Plug ’n Play Module with Harness: TBD
Bi-Directional Key Fob: $95
Remote Start System - Optional Ultra-Long-Range Extender: $30.00
Vehicle Security System - Ford Perimeter Plus - Optional LED Kit: $15.00
Bull Bar: TBD
Deflector, Aeroskin Hood Proector, Smoke-Color or Chrome (by Lund): TBD
Deflector, Aeroskin II Hood Protector, Black Textured Finish: TBD
Deflector, Hood, Smoke-Color: $92.86
Deflectors, Side Window: TBD
Exhaust Tip, Chrome: TBD
Exterior Trim Kit - Chrome Grille and Mirror Caps, Chrome: $500.00
Exterior Trim Kit Hood Lettering, Chrome or Black Chrome (by Putco): TBD
Fender Flares, Black Textured Finish, 4-Piece Set, For Crew Cab or Extended Cab (by Bushwacker): TBD
Fender Flares, Unpainted, Painted, 4-Piece Set for Crew Cab or Extended Cab: TBD
Ford Custom Graphics, Retail Graphics Packages Program: TBD
Racks and Carriers, Bike Carrier, Hitch-Mounted
Carries 2 Bikes: $259.00
Carries 4 Bikes: $299.00
Racks and Carriers, Bike Frame Adapter, Modifies Women’s, BMX or Other Non-Standard Bike Frames to be Carried on Hitch-Mounted Bike Racks: $45.00
Racks and Carriers, Bike Carrier, Carries 1 Bike: $199.00
Racks and Carriers, Cargo Basket, 50” x 41” x 6” For Use With SuperCab and SuperCrew: $331.07
Racks and Carriers, Cargo Box
55” x 26” x 12”: $299.00
65” x 35” x 16”: $469.00
74” x 36” x 16.5” For Use with SuperCab and SuperCrew: $534.64
84” x 35” x 17”: $529.00
Racks and Carriers, Kayak Carrier
Flat: $219.00
Folding: $199.00
Racks and Carriers, Paddleboard Carrier, Stand-up: $150.00
Racks and Carriers, Removable Rack and Crossbar System: TBD
Racks and Carriers, Ski/Snowboard Carrier, Flat Top: $199.00
Racks and Carriers, Ski Carrier Adapter, Convers 2- or 4-Bike Hitch-Mounted Racks to a Ski/Snowboard Carrier, Carriers Up To 6 Pairs of Skis and 4 Snowboards: $269.00
Racks and Carriers, Sports/Ladder Rack
Silver: TBD
Black: TBD
Splash Guards, Premium Flat
Front Pair, Without Bright Accent: TBD
Rear Pair, Without Bright Accent: $75.00
Splash Guards, Molded
Black, Front Pair: $49,99
Black, Rear Pair: $49.99
Sportz Tents for Trucks with 5’ and 6’ Beds (by Napier): TBD
Step Bars, Rectangular
Black, For CrewCab: $399.00
Black, For SuperCab: $399.00
Chrome, For CrewCab: $529.00
Chrome, For SuperCab: $529.00
Tow Hooks, Front
Chrome, For 2WD: $75.00
Chrome, For 4WD: $75.00
Trailer Hitch, 2” Receiver: $295.36
Trailer Hitch Balls
Stainless Steel, 2 5/16” Ball, 1” Shank: $29.00
Stainless Steel, 2” Ball, 1” Shank: $27.00
Stainless Steel, 1 7/8” Ball, 1” Shank: $25.00
Trailer Hitch Ball Mounts
4” Drop / 2 1/4” Rise, For 2” Hitch Receiver: $30.00
2” Drop / 3/4” Rise, For 2” Hitch Receiver: $25.00
Ash Cup / Coin Holder
Without Lighter Element: $30.00
With Lighter Element: $60.00
Cargo Organizer, Soft
Cooler Bag with Adjustable Carrying Strap: $25.00
Large, Folding: $80.00
Standard, Folding: $71.43
Door Sill Plates (by Putco)
Chrome, 4-Piece Set, For Crew Cab: TBD
Chrome, 4-Piece Set, For Extended Cab: TBD
First Aid Kit (by DC Safety): $35.00
Roadside Assistance Kit (by DC Safety): $59.00
Roadside Assistance Kit Commercial (by DC Safety): $199.00
Floor Liners, Black 4-Piece Set, For Crew Cab & SuperCab: $135.00
Floor Mats, All-Weather
Black, 2-Piece Set, Front Only: $87.00
Black, 4-Piece Set: $102.00
Floor Mats, Carpeted, Black 4-Piece Set, For Crew Cab & SuperCab: $102.00
Interior Light Kit: $249.00
In-Vehicle Safe, Use with Captain’s Chairs (by Console Vault): TBD
Seat Covers, Carhartt Protective Seat Covers, Gravel, Front Row, Captain’s Chair (by Covercraft): TBD
Seat Covers, Protective Seat Covers, Charcoal (by Covercraft): TBD
Sunscreen, UVS100 Custom (by Covercraft): TBD
Tablet Cradle, Mounts to Headrest Supports, For Apple iPad: $139.00
18” x 18” Black With Machined Face, Set of 4, Includes Lug Nuts: $999.00
Wheel Lock Kit, Chrome-Plated For Exposed Lugs: $54.99

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