The President's Beastly Bus

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@midgick: First off, you have the nerve to scold others about "using your brains instead of your Behinds!!!!!!!!!" when you can't even spell your own screen-name? It's obvious to all but you that there is a lowercase "d" missing between the "g" and the "i" in "midgick" <– (figger' it out on your own). You are obviously stupid, just a plain nasty complainer, AND both. So next time you want to critique multiple posts, know what the heck you're talking about (Oh! BTW, your #1 key on the upper-left corner of your keyboard must have a gummie-bear jammed in it – you redundantly keep repeating your exclamation points)

Regarding your comment: "The 1.1 Million for this is a steal. Think how expensive it would be to use Air Force One to do this." Are you that lame (or biased) to purport to these readers that the bottom-line price for each of these buses was 1.1 million? After fitting armor, workstations for staffers, a lounge no doubt, and work areas for onboard security detail (and the list goes on) I guarantee you these buses more than doubled in price. Each bus needs a "safe room" impervious to chemical attacks and a central cache of weapons for the Secret Service.

To: "The 1.1 Million for this is a steal": I agree it's "a steal" – stolen from the taxpayers. The final tab was probably more like 8 million for the pair. And since you seem so bent on teaching us all, before you resume maybe you should take a refresher-course in basic English – "Million" is NOT a proper-noun and as such does not warrant an uppercase "M" – it's "million" you dolt. If you want to continually correct people ... "know what the hell you're talking about and try using your brain instead of your Behind".

To: "Think how expensive it would be to use Air Force One to do this", Why "think" how expensive it *would* be" when it IS actually happening? BOTH Air Force Ones ARE being flown back-and-forth over the "bus tour", not to mention a panoply of other military support aircraft. Some right-wing blogger will eventually use the FIA to KNOW exactly how much this "bus trip" cost us. Mayhap a left-wing blogger will get some guts and find out first?

The President’s “Midwest Bus Tour” began at The Whitehouse where he boarded Marine One for Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. Andrews is home to 89th Airlift Wing (also known as “The Presidential Airlift Group”). From Andrews the POTUS flew in Air Force One to Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport where he and his entourage of heavy USAF cargo-planes were handed off to the 133rd Airlift Wing. Only at that point did BO finally set foot on one of the buses and begin his “bus tour”. From St. Paul, MN to Peoria, IL is only 456 miles, so while the POTUS’ faux-photo-op bus tour was being staged, numerous support aircraft including BOTH Air Force One 747s had to be flying overhead to-and-fro so the POTUS wouldn’t have to wait for transportation, ground or otherwise during any leg of his trip. Once in Peoria Obama debarked his bus and was met by the 182nd Illinois Air National Guard Airlift Wing before being whisked away on Air Force One (which one? BOTH were in the air!) back to the Whitehouse, just hours before beginning his grueling trek to Martha’s Vineyard. He soon left the White House aboard Marine One on his way back to Andrews Air Force Base. From Andrews he flew to Cape Cod aboard Air Force One along with First Dog Bo (“BO” = B.O. = Barrack Obama – narcissist). After landing at Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station, he then took a YET ANOTHER helicopter to Martha’s Vineyard. Accompanied by their daughters, Michelle Obama arrived at the Martha’s Vineyard only 500 miles from Washington, four hours before her husband. The extra transport to get the First Lady to the island added only a few more hours of vacation time and cost taxpayers thousands in additional expenses. The costs related to the First Lady’s solo trip mainly include the flight on her specially appointed military 737 she took instead of Air Force One, as well as any extra staff and Secret Service that had to be enlisted to go with her. She also had her own motorcade from the airport to her vacation residence (an additional motorcade which necessitates at least one extra heavy airlift cargo plane). So while the POTUS was reclining in his “money saving bus” a DOUBLE fleet of support aircraft had to be in the air or “on the tarmac” wherever he happened to be How can riding in buses save taxpayer dollars while even more planes are in the air simultaneously than during a normal Presidential excursion? . A very frugal strategy, no? Triple the fuel being exhausted for a supposedly "money saving" bus tour.

With 9 stops in three states and a total traveling distance of only 456 miles his trip averaged 50 miles between stops. Numerous times the motorcade had to slow down to make certain the POTUS was never out of range from the fawning safety of cameras from ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC.

I don't care what political stripe the POTUS is, there's no excuse for making excuses or skewing facts to save your fearful leader from criticism. Let the chips fall where they may you Obamunist, revisionist, apoligist. The fact is while the bus was on its "Midwest Bus Tour" DOUBLE the amount of military aircraft were criss-crossing the skies just to make certain "an" Air Force One was waiting whenever and wherever the POTUS needed one – that's some "bus tour".

Do I think ANY American President SHOULD have "an" Air Force One at his beck-and-call? While I ultimately answer "YES!" I have to curb my enthusiasm because I remember Clinton making a mess of LAX (local to me) while he had a hairdresser come to AF! to bonzai-clip his immaculate coiffe – THAT ... was userous and needlessly disruptive.

And cut the "racist" accusations – First off, BO is a 50/50 bar (but not from the Good Humor man). Secondly, (and do some research – don't make me explain this to you) ... THE CLINTONS are running "Barrack's Whitehouse". You see his staff and cabinet peppered with former Clinton aids and staffers and Hillary is Secretary of State. What bigger jolt do you need to figure out that Obama is just a "hood ornament" while under the hood lurks "The Clinton Machine". How can you morlocks miss that overtly obvious fact? Obama is in charge of nothing! He isn't even in control of what appears on his own teleprompters (at least that's the excuse Jay Carney gave to cover one of BO's gaffs). To all you Rebublicans, conservatives, libertarians or disaffected former Obamunists, quit harping on Obama and give discredit where discredit is due – stop saying "Bush did it" and realize the Clintons ARE doing it (You buncha'; maroons!). Bill Clinton said outright in plain English that he wished he could find a way to get elected for a third term – looks like he found a way! Re-elect Clinton/s in 2012! LEMMINGS! (Ms. White? Ms. White? Bueller? Bueller?)

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The President's beastly bus
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