The Story Behind The Nio EP9’s Briefly Held Nurburgring Lap Record

We're continuing this week's theme of hypercars and electric vehicles with unnecessary amounts of power thanks to a video sent to us by the nice people at Formula E. You may remember late last year that the Nio EP9 set a new EV record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, lapping the 12.9-mile (20.7km) track in 7:05.12. Well, the complete lap has now been uploaded to YouTube for your viewing pleasure:

Peter Dumbreck puts in a very calm but very fast flying lap of the Nordschleife.

The man behind the wheel was Peter Dumbreck, who holds the distinction of being one of two people who have flipped a Mercedes endurance racer at Le Mans (the other is Mark Webber). Dumbreck has a much calmer time in the EP9, which looks to be extremely stable from the onboard video.

The video doesn't feature any telemetry so we don't know what the car's max speed is, but some very rough back of the envelope calculations suggest Dumbreck averages about 140mph on the uphill climb from Bergwerk to Klostertal (3:10-3:45 in the video) and at least that on the long Döttinger Höhe straight (6:15-6:45). That ride down the Ring's longest straight looks extremely bumpy, though.

Just six Nio EP9s are going to be made, and their specs make McLaren, Aston Martin, and Mercedes-AMG's next hybrid hypercars sound tame. Forget 1,000hp; the EP9 gets 1MW—1,341hp—via four electric motors, one for each wheel. Designed for track work, the battery (the capacity of which we still don't know) can apparently be swapped for a fresh one in a few minutes, or fast-charged in 45 minutes.

The EP9 at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.>
Enlarge / The EP9 at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.Nio

The EP9 hasn't just been fast at the Nordschleife. The car also set a new EV lap record at Paul Ricard in the south of France, and in February it set an autonomous lap record of the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. On that day, the driverless EP9 lapped COTA in 2:40.33, hitting 160mph. For context, the same car but with a human in charge lapped the track with a 2:11:30.

Nio plans to launch an autonomous EV in the US by 2020.

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