The Ceiling Of This New Airbus Private Jet Is One Giant Screen

Airbus is scrapping the world's largest commercial jet, putting up to 3,500 jobs at risk over the next three years.

About 200 people face job uncertainty in Britain, with thousands more across the world as the aircraft is phased out by 2021.

The move comes just 12 years after the double-decker superjet first took to the skies as the UK's challenger to US company Boeing.

The A380 model has never turned a profit and sales have slowed dramatically as airlines favour smaller, more nimble aircraft - and Boeing's 787 Dreamliner enjoyed greater success. 

Critics of the A380 argue the double-deckers are too large, leaving airlines with an impossible task of filling seats for commercial flights. 

Analyst Richard Aboulafia of Washington-based Teal Group said its demise 'was inevitable', adding: 'For Boeing, it has been a very long time since they needed to worry about the A380 as a competitive factor.' 

Rolls-Royce, which makes the model's engines, has tried to reassure the industry amid the uncertainty by saying that it is unlikely to affect its workers - but the British firm failed to rule it out. 

The world's largest commercial jet (pictured) will be scrapped due to falling sales, Airbus has confirmed, putting thousands of jobs at risk

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