This Futuristic House Was Built Around A Vintage Porsche

The current owner of the home purchased it in 2014 because they were fanatics for the Star Wars films, and figured the house would fit right in within the Star Wars extended universe. Whether you're an South Australian car fan, a Star Wars fan, or an architecture fan, this "Skypad" might be the one you need to buy. With a price falling somewhere around 800,000 Australian dollars, which equates to around $630,000 in US money, we think that while its a lot of money, it's a truly stunning 356-inspired home for the cash outlay. Maybe you want a vacation home? This could be yours. Just beware that it's really difficult to find a 356 in the land down under. For much more information and photos of the home, visit the full listing here.

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This Futuristic House Was Built Around A Vintage Porsche
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