This Is How The Experts Shoot A Pagani Huayra BC

That’s why a professional photographer like Richard Thompson exists. His job is simply to find the best way to shoot the car so that it looks stunning in photographs that will be seen by millions who will either recognize the Huayra BC instantly or be left wondering what on Earth they're looking at. Getting a good angle might not seem like a tall order with such a gorgeous model, but then again Paganis aren’t held in high regard because Horacio Pagani likes to skimp on quality. Attention to detail in the entire process is needed to keep the Huayra BC's prestige, and Thompson does well to both exercise his incredible skills with the camera in this shoot and tell us a little bit about how it’s done. You know, in case this is your dream job or something.

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This Is How The Experts Shoot A Pagani Huayra BC
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