VIBA Redesigns The Honda Monkey As Jane With The Help Of 3D Printing

based upon the famed honda monkey motorcycle from the 1970s,

viba’s custom design – named ‘jane’ –

appears both retro and modern in aesthetics. these are core, contrasting elements of the project as it resembles a ‘modern coachbuild on one of the most iconic bikes’, according to the french makers. its aluminum parts, such as the dominate fuel tank, have been fabricated using 3D printing.

all images courtesy of viba



displaying both elegance and innovation, the design of the viba ‘jane’ motorcycle has been completed with the utmost accuracy. with multi-faceted surfaces,

the 3D printed parts undulate with precision yet not with sharpness. it is as if the futuristic elements have been weathered and worn as it has time-hopped. this quality adds to the bike’s nostalgia as the distinct character of the honda remains.



the 3D fabricated parts highlight 21st century craftsmanship. the designs are clear yet intricate with the front mudguards and even with the integrated turn signals. the front rack itself enhances 155mm thick aluminum to provide a stylish and convenient holder. like the saddle, the rack is dressed in anthracite grey and also orange straps.







project info:


original model: monkey

original manufacturer: honda

custom model: jane

custom manufacturer: viba

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viba customs honda monkey motorcycle with multi-faceted 3D prints
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