What We're Reading: Birth Control Coverage; Genes And Life Span; Breast Cancer Risk


Life Span Has Little to Do With Genes, Analysis Says

An analysis of over 50 million family trees from Ancestry.com found that the heritability of life span is considerably less than widely thought, STAT News has reported. According to the scientists, genes accounted for well under 7% of people’s life span, contradicting the 20% to 30% of most previous estimates. The life spans of spouses were more similar than those of sisters or brothers, indicating that nongenetic factors, such as having access to clean water and living far from disease outbreaks, play a significant role.

Early Risers Have Lower Risk of Breast Cancer Researchers from the United Kingdom have determined that women who wake up early have a lower risk of developing breast cancer. Analyzing data from over 400,000 women, researchers found that women who prefer mornings have a 40% to 48% reduced risk of developing the disease, while women who slept longer than 7 to 8 hours had a 20% increased risk per additional hour slept.

Source : https://www.ajmc.com/newsroom/what-were-reading-birth-control-coverage-genes-and-life-span-breast-cancer-risk

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What We're Reading: Birth Control Coverage; Genes and Life Span; Breast Cancer Risk
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