What We Can Expect From BMW's Upcoming Z5

While major OEMs are going the direction of notches, there are still some that don’t think it is necessary. The trend was started by Essential but was made more popular by Apple with the introduction of the iPhone X. Other companies soon followed such as ASUS, Huawei, LG, OPPO, and OnePlus. Not many people like the idea but for those device makers that jumped into the bandwagon, they have various reasons but mainly focused on the potential of a bigger screen and better display performance. With the notch, there’s more space for more icons, apps, and alerts to be shown on the display.

The notch isn’t welcomed by everyone. There are mobile consumers that do not like it. It’s not aesthetically pleasing but it certainly has a purpose. If you don’t like the notch, then you may simply wait for other flagships like this one from Lenovo. The

Lenovo Z5 doesn’t have a notch and yet the bezels remain smaller. It’s almost bezel-less you may wonder if there’s any frame. Of course, there is but it’s not really obvious–almost non-existent.

The Lenovo Z5 is the next flagship phone from the company that’s also busy with Motorola phones. We can expect a June 5 launch as per a recent post on Weibo. Lenovo will make a special announcement next week in Beijing on the 5th of June at 2PM. Lenovo is said to be rolling out this flagship with a 95% screen-to-body ratio and some of the latest specs and advanced features.

There isn’t much information available but we’ve seen some teasers and concept sketches. There’s no notch indeed so we’re curious how Lenovo is making it possible to have a larger display. The all-screen device is still a dream for most OEMs and so far, we could only think of the Vivo Apex with its edge-to-edge display and the selfie camera hidden on a slide-out part. That one is also yet to launch in Shanghai, China this coming June 12.

Lenovo’s upcoming Z5 is its next-gen premium flagship phone offering. It’s non-Motorola but this Android phone will make a mark by not going the notch direction. There’s no notch, no forehead, and no chin at all. There won’t by any glass back and we’re assuming no earpiece or headphone jack somewhere.

The Lenovo Z5 may be notch-less but it’s also bezel-less. As they say, “less is more” so we’re hoping to see more screen this time.


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Source : https://androidcommunity.com/lenovo-z5-what-we-know-so-far-20180601/

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